Computers and computational thinking are becoming ubiqitous in our world. Those computers are part of the transportation systems we use, the security systems we confront, our entertainment systems, our communication systems, our financial systems, and even our social and political instruments. Computational thinking is a fundamental part of how decisions are made on a large and increasing number of fronts. It is sometimes hard for a computer scientist to imagine how people without access to those tools can navigate the world in an informed way. This course is designed to bring the social, historical, cultural and technical context of these systems to the attention of students and citizens who would not otherwise have access to them, so they can better understand the world in which they will live and work. The course is a Computer Science course because it is talking about the science of computers, albeit in an approachable form for an audience without any assumed previous programming experience.

Programming, and computer science in general, are intrinsically related to critical and analytical thinking because of the unforgiving properties of the computer. In addition to that, this course will include critical thinking about the sociological and political aspects of the programs and computer systems that surround us.

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    Tue09:00-10:00ENG205Lab section 01 (starting January 16)
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    Lab 1 2018.01.16 (past)
    Lab 2 DUE tomorrow 23:59!!!
    Lab 3 DUE 2018.01.30 23:59
    Lab 4 DUE 2018.02.06 23:59
    Lab 5 DUE 2018.02.13 23:59
    Essay 1 DUE 2018.02.13 23:59
    Lab 6 DUE 2018.02.27 23:59
    Lab 7 DUE 2018.03.06 23:59
    Lab 8 DUE 2018.03.13 23:59
    Lab 9 DUE 2018.03.20 23:59
    Lab 10 DUE 2018.03.27 23:59
    Lab 11 DUE 2018.04.03 23:59
    Essay 2 DUE 2018.04.04 23:59
    Lab 12 DUE 2018.04.10 23:59
    Essay 3 DUE 2018.04.12 23:59
    Final TBA 12:00
    Midterm TBA 19:00

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