By it's nature this page is always a work in progress... It will continue to grow as we learn. You can follow the blog for the course here.

The environment to be used in this course is available here

Topic links to provide more background for the lectures:


McLuhan's Tetrad of Media

Other courses with related approaches


I gave a talk and lab for this course at the Ryerson Faculty Conference. You can find the slides from the talk here (need SVG support, may not work in IE), and the lab is described here.


ThinkCT has some great resources including a video of Jeanette Wing talking about CT

Novice and visual programming approaches/languages

The story of the first programmer - a woman.

Other relevant links:

This is all part of a larger perspective on innovation, outlined in How We Got to Now: Six Innovations That Made th Modern World, which has been partially serialized in the following: The Hummingbird Effect, A Billion Points of Light, Flash Forward,

Hobbyist Hardware