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What is this?

I will rarely reply directly to an email, unless it is about a personal issue. If it is assignment mark related, please take it up first with the GA. Otherwise, send me an email as outlined in the first entry, and I will reply by making an FAQ entry here. Obviously you should check here before sending the email to see if the question has already been answered.

General FAQs will be answered here.

2017.01.01 09:01:50 How do I use this?
2016.02.07 08:53:50 How do I edit the html file on Mac OS X?
Use Textedit, but you need to set preferences, or it will edit it as formatted HTML, which will inject extra junk into the file. See this suggestion - particularly step 4.
2016.01.26 12:53:50 I was wondering if it was possible to have access to the outlines, rubrics, and due dates for the three essays that are required. Or when those materials will be released.
The due dates for everything are in the Course Management Form